Brita – Filter For Good

DDB West, San Francisco


This is a story of how Brita changed water culture in America.

When bottled water became both a health and quasi fashion trend, Brita's sales dried up. The problem was not just one of perception though – Brita was a product for the home, and didn't have the portability people needed.

The answers did not come from the “normal” planning process because changing culture means going beyond what people can tell you. Instead what the agencies involved did was combine an interesting product truth that with the cultural trend of practical environmentalism to completely reposition Brita as a brand for a cleaner planet (not just better tasting water).

As with any cultural change, the solution was not just an communication led. It involved a product partnership with Nalgene that helped the brand overcome its product disadvantage, media partnerships with shows such as The Biggest Loser, PR programs, TV and newspaper.