Brandwatch: Tweetcamp virtual campsite

Charlotte Cumming and Katja Garrood

Campaign Details

Brand owner:Brandwatch
Agency: N/A
Brand: Brandwatch
Campaign duration: Up to three months
Country: UK
Media budget (USD): Up to $500k
Channels used: Email marketing, Events and experiential, Internet – display, Public relations, Social media,Word of mouth and viral

Executive summary

A free-to-attend event called Tweetcamp took place in London on 8 October 2011. Aimed at Twitter users, its intention was to bring digital practitioners together to debate relevant social media topics. The organisers approached social media monitoring company Brandwatch for sponsorship towards the event. Instead of the usual monetary assistance, Brandwatch offered creative resource to build an engagement platform to promote the event, to which Tweetcamp agreed.

The campaign became a virtual campsite and was given the same name as the event. This entry explains how the Tweetcamp virtual campsite realised the main partnership objective; to raise awareness and generate buzz around the event, as well as to promote Brandwatch.