Progressive Insurance: Creating a brand spokesperson to go with the Flo

Geoffrey Precourt

Consumers do not look at satisfaction as a variable – it's a given, a cost of entry among marketers. "If you're not satisfying customers," Amy Shea, Brand Keys global director, told an Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) Web cast audience, "you're no longer in the consideration set."

According to Shea, important drivers for consumer decision-making in the second decade of the 21st Century now include such considerations as merchandise return, customization, great design, and ease of delivery. Consumers are not always articulate about their choices, she allowed, but Shea allowed, "Each category comes with a whole set of emotional underpinnings that also have a rational point of view."

And the most successful marketers are those who not only engage consumers but also "delight" them with a pull on both emotions and common sense.