LG Electronics Thailand: LG Lollipop - Love Code

McCann Worldgroup (Thailand) Ltd.


Love, friendship and raging hormones are the obsessions that unite all teens. It was these obsessions that were used to launch the LG Lollipop mobile phone in Thailand.

The LG Lollipop is a clam shell phone in a market increasingly dominated by bar and smart phones. It’s unique point of difference is that it has a programmable LED Icon on the cover. The creative idea was to use this feature to create a new language for teens with which they could communicate with each other using pictures and icons that they would create themselves. This would give teens a new way to communicate their thoughts, emotions and feelings. It would give them a new Love Code.

In Thailand, the latest craze for teens is all things Korean. What better way to communicate a new way of talking than through the story of two Thai schoolboys and a new arrival at a school – a young Korean girl who speaks no Thai?