How Shell recruited more for less

Navjot Singh and Ana Maria Santos

There are some hard truths in the energy market: first, there is a steep change in the demand for energy as the world population soars and the geography of demand shifts eastward. Second, energy supply will struggle to keep pace. There is a race to identify new, sustainable, sources of energy. And third, environmental pressures are increasing. We need to find responsible energy solutions.

Addressing these truths, and growing our business, requires an ambitious business strategy, delivered by an expanded, talented workforce.

Since 2006, Shell's business strategy has emphasised finding more and different types of energy. People are a key enabler of this strategy, and an unprecedented capital expenditure investment has been accompanied by an emphasis on recruitment. We need large numbers of new highly skilled employees, in highly demanded disciplines such as engineering and finance, in new and competitive geographies such as India and China.