Exploring the Effectiveness of Taxis as an Advertising Medium

Cleopatra Veloutsou and Claire O'Donnell
University of Glasgow


To maximise impact, almost every advertising campaign makes use of a primary medium and one or more secondary media. Although the importance of media research has long been recognised (Duffy 1938; Belson 1965), and issues relating to allocating resources and selecting the optimal media mix have long been considered (Ricketts 1938; Dyer et al. 1992), there are differences between the media. These can be their creativity capabilities, the target audiences they can reach, as well as the control audience members are likely to have over their exposure to the message (Gallagher et al. 2001). Some audience members even consciously attempt to avoid contact with advertisements in most of the widely used advertising media (Dunnett & Hoek 1996; Speck & Elliot 1997). Furthermore, it has been proposed that the greater the extent of usage of a medium, the less the effect of that particular medium (Bendixen 1993).