Boots: Christmas


CLIENT • Boots

THE TEAM • Paul Ravenscroft, Sarah Richards, Matt Southgate, Matthew Heath, Rachel Pillsbury, Pip Hulbert, Nicola Taylor, Nicky Bullard, Lisa Richards, Tim Styles.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • In the worst recession hit Christmas for two decades, how could Boots get customers to buy Christmas pressies with them? Getting personal paid back: the statement delivered a 16% increase in incremental sales and the in-store events achieved an increase of 90% in incremental sales YoY. Redemption rates increased by 25% versus last year and net profit was up by 60%.

OBJECTIVES • Increase incremental sales of the Christmas statement and Christmas in-store events, through increased response rates and coupon redemption. Deliver increased customer satisfaction.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • The Advantage Card is the most loved loyalty card in the UK and is very important to the customer — they love collecting points and really engage with the ‘treats for me’ proposition. This is why the statement always includes a double points coupon and the in-store events offer generous bonus points. Awareness of the wide range of presents Boots offered was low. We needed to show customers that they could get presents for everyone under one roof, and collect points to treat themselves at the same time. This was delivered through the in-store bonus points events, and of course the all-important personal offers. A truly personal communication was created for each recipient, which allowed us to cut through the rest of the noise at this time of year and relate to the customer.