Hahn Super Dry: Super In. Super Out.

Publicis Mojo Sydney

Advertiser: Lion Nathan
Brand: Hahn Super Dry
Country: Australia


Australians love their beer. Worth over $8billion it is one of the most dynamic, competitive and cluttered beer markets in the world. There are hundreds of brands vying for market share, with new variants being launched every day. With increasing competition and fragmentation finding a unique positioning to own in the market is key to success.

In the beer category the number one driver of brand choice is the drinkers identity with what the brand stands for. When they hold a beer in their hand they want it to say the right things about them and what's important to them.

In other categories like wine, price and varietal impacts brand choice for spirits the occasion plays the key role in brand choice, but in beer, what it says about you when you're holding one in your hand really matters. Especially when it comes to young male drinkers.