Special. T: The best that the world of tea can offer you

Client Company Name: Special. T by Nestlé
Brand Name: Special. T by Nestlé
Agency:Publicis Dialog
Category: Integrated Communication
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: France


The tea market was historically split in two: tea bags and loose leaf tea. It represents a total business of over 4 million tonnes and the average turnover over the last 5 years is +4%. After the success of Nespresso in the coffee market, Nestlé created Special.T by Nestlé and launched it in 2010. Special.T is the first & unique single-served machine dedicated to tea and organic infusions, offering the best of tea (best in, best out, each time). Best in = selection of the best regions/gardens + fine-picking of real tea leaves + preservation in sealed capsules + unique tea creations. Best out = capsule recognition + brewing time and temperature perfect for each tea + purified water. This system proposes a complete, premium and simple tea experience achieved through sophisticated design, services and pedagogical education in tea world discovery. Special.T (machine and capsules) are sold online only exclusively via special-t.com.