Make profit to do good and do good to make profit

Cassandra De Silva
Ogilvy Action Sri Lanka

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Have you ever noticed the good angel and the bad angel around your head whenever you are doing a brand plan? Well, if you haven't seen them then check next time. Profit and social goodness both come from the same source. But each will be seen differently by different people. The only way to make sure these two intentions work well with each other is to make their sole goal is that of other one. In other words, make profit to do good to society and do good to society to make profit.

Why do we need to consider about social goodness at all? If a brand's whole purpose is to bring profit, why does it matter to consider about the social goodness? Well, if the brand's life cycle is a very short, a temporary one, it might not have any time to be a hero for society. But if the brand intends to live long, it is important that it thinks about the society it serves. After all, the brand needs people in order to survive.