Experiential, data-driven, omnichannel marketing: Presentations from Marketing Week Live 2013

Joseph Clift

Some of the UK's largest advertisers and marketing services firms were present at Marketing Week Live 2013, a one-day event held in London in June 2013. Presenters offered a variety of clues as to how their marketing decisions were evolving, but the guiding theme proved to be the continual restatement of the need for brands to be responsive to consumers.

The desires of shoppers are becoming easier and easier to express, through a preponderance of digital and social media, and to monitor, through data solutions. Satisfactorily reacting to them, however, remains as challenging as ever.


Ian Cranna, VP, marketing at Starbucks UK, the British branch of the global coffee chain, offered a lesson in reputation management for brands in his morning presentation. His is a complex task: Starbucks has enjoyed rapid growth in the UK over recent years and now runs 746 stores across the country. The average store served over 200,000 coffees and 20,000 sandwiches each day in 2012 and, Cranna claimed, one in 600 British dairy cows are exclusively used to produce milk for the company's lattes and cappuccinos.