Foster Farms – Say No to Plumping

Category: Packaged Food
Brand/Client: Foster Farms
Primary Agency: Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners
Contributing Agencies: Fineman PR


Behold chicken. The wondrous protein. The amazing meat. It is easy to cook, enjoyed even by finicky eaters young and old, affordable and healthy. Moms turn to chicken night after night (and sometimes for lunch if there are leftovers) to feed and nurture their families. The importance of chicken to the family means that moms are picky about the chicken they buy.

Foster Farms has been the brand most West Coast moms preferred because it was seen as “natural” — one of the key criteria moms use when picking poultry. A long-running TV campaign had helped create this esteem for the brand — and justify its high price premium relative to store brand chicken. The campaign featured two health- and hygiene-challenged chickens (the “Foster Imposters”) trying to dupe people into thinking they were good enough to be Foster Farms chickens. The ads were a hit, and agency research showed that they consistently created trust in the brand (important in any fresh meat category) and owned the product attributes of fresh and natural.