VISA: Let it rain

Proximity Columbia


Category: Financial Products and Services
Country where program ran: COLOMBIA
Date program started/ended: From the 22nd of June and for one month onwards

Product Description: Visa is known as one of the largest credit and debit card franchises worldwide. Additionally the franchise has developed discount programs aiming to incentive cardholders to use their cards. Programs such as "Tuesday to invite", "Wednesday for you" or "Delivery" were implemented as the perfect excuse to use the cards.

Advertiser/Client Name: VISA
Media Channels: Other


Marketplace Challenge:

Visa shares a highly competitive marketplace with brands such as Amex, Diners and Mastercard, where earning cards acquisition, activation and attrition becomes a harsh competition between brands to retain major participation. Adding a global economic crisis to the picture makes it even more complicated, because consumers stop using their cards to avoid debts. This situation provokes a massive response from costumers returning their cards, and cancels any possibility of new possible acquisitions. A situation that profoundly hurts the core of the business.