Makro - Operation Free Petrol

Agency name: VVL, Proximity, & Navajo / BBDO
Client name: Makro
Category: Integrated communication



Of all the national retailers, Makro is the least known (79%). They also have an old-fashioned image which is not clearly profiled.

Within the context of increasing energy prices, loss of buying power, stock exchanges collapsing like a house of cards, and little consumer confidence left; purchasing decisions were being postponed.

It was exactly against this background that Makro wished to boost its brand, and project itself away from the traditional retail communication clutter. At the same time it wanted to encourage its customers to make more frequent visits to its stores and spend more each time they visited.


Makro has 6 hypermarkets in Belgium that sell both food and non-food products to 1.4 million Makro card holders. Makro offers both A brands as well as its own retail brands.