Augmented Reality: Adding a new dimension to marketing?

Michael Mascioni

Augmented reality (AR) - the practice of overlaying computer-generated and /or 3D virtual representations on top of real world visual backdrops glimpsed on electronic screens - is at a crossroads.

The genre has attracted a lot of attention, mainly for its technological breakthroughs in adding a new and exciting dimension to experiential marketing. However, it has also drawn accusations that it is misunderstood, impractical, limited in application and over-hyped.

For marketers, who want to take up the genre, the serious questions are:

  • What is AR's distinctive role in the marketing mix?
  • Can AR be more than a short-term, stand-alone tactic?
  • What are the most popular and/or best ways of evaluating AR?
  • And how does it relate to other growing channels such as smartphones and social media?

A Role for AR