Media Scheduling: Continuity vs. Flighting

Mi hui Pak


Continuity (sometimes called straight-through advertising): A method of scheduling advertising at regular intervals over the year. Many patterns are possible, from advertising once each day of the year to once a month. Typically, a continuity advertiser is on air every week (Sissors & Baron, 2010).

Flighting (sometimes called bursting): A method of scheduling advertising for a period of time, followed by a hiatus period of no advertising, followed by a resumption of advertising. Advertising done once a month might be called flighting. Most often, however, flighting patterns are more irregular, with heavy concentrations of advertising at certain times interspersed with no advertising for shorter lengths of times (Sissors & Baron, 2010).

Continuity vs. Flighting

The question of flighting versus continuity remains one of the age-old debates in advertising. In general, however, findings from empirical research tend to suggest that continuity is more effective than flighting: