Advertising clusters in Asia: Beyond borders

Shivkumar Moulee
Millward Brown, India


The year was 2005. Asia was growing in stature and significance and global brands were keen to strengthen their foothold in Asian markets. The region was acknowledged to be complex and diverse but not much was known about how best to tackle this scale of diversity when it came to communicating with Asian consumers. Further, in an era of global brand footprints and an emphasis on profitability, was there a middle ground between local and regional approaches? Could global brands channel advertising across Asia more efficiently by leveraging clusters of advertising markets?

A paper presented at the ESOMAR Congress in 20051) showed there was sufficient evidence to suggest that clusters of advertising markets did indeed exist within Asia. Further, the findings suggested that not all markets within a cluster are on an equal footing: we do see 'donor' and 'receiver' markets.