Westpac: Still Flatting?

Campaign details

Category: Consumer Services
Agency: DDB Group
Client: Westpac


By being disarmingly truthful about money and encouraging consumers to 'Start Asking', Westpac cut through the clutter and delivered an outstanding campaign ROI of $5 for every $1 spent back to the business. Unable to rely on risky high loan-to-value ratios and unable to lead the market with the lowest rates, Westpac had to rely on a refreshing approach to advertising to capture the attention of new customers.

Key learnings

Bank advertising often portrays the ideal. In housing terms this means the ideal couple getting their ideal home loan so they can buy their first ideal house and begin their ideal life together. However, we know real life is not often like this. Buying your first home is a highly competitive race, and just when you think you're winning, the finish line moves further away.