qualitative research the glue for fragmented brands?

Mark Whiting
JAs Heennessy & Co
Sandrine MonnierMcClure
Green Light International

A Brief History

The Hennessy family recognised the power of branding long before most of today's leading brands were even conceived.

First came the brand name. When Richard Hennessy founded his trading company in 1765, he immediately propelled it to the position of leader in the market of eauxdevie from Cognac. Using his Irish ties as a foothold, England was quickly established as Hennessy's largest export market. The reputation of the cognacs supplied by Mr Hennessy quickly grew and by 1794 the first sales were made in New York, swiftly followed by orders from the Royal Courts of both Russia and Spain. As relationships were built with agents across the world, Hennessy cognac found new markets from Calcutta to Havana and from Montevideo to Japan, where the first recorded shipments were made in 1868.