The Marketing Arm: Fans, brands, and properties - Finding the perfect match


Leading brands are investing millions in sponsorships, yet the process of selection lacked scientific backing. Without a means to vet sponsorship opportunities in line with specified brand objectives, how could they be certain, especially in tough economic times, that they were aware of the opportunities, making the right choices given their brand direction, and getting the most bang for their buck? Industry icons like AT&T, PepsiCo, State Farm, and HP needed deeper insight.

We decided to lead clients in a better and smarter direction and took action.

Emphasizing the science behind the strategy, we created the industry's first independent index that determines a sponsorship property's ability to influence brand affinity and consumer purchase intent.

The database overflows with brand-relevant insights and advanced functionality, linking what's important to the consumer with what's important to a particular brand. Proprietary brand-centric attributes, the first-ever "passion" score and a unique "effective reach" score are used to determine a property's sponsorship success potential and, ultimately, return on objective.