adidas Japan Football: Skycomic

Agency: TBWA Hakuhodo
Client: adidas Japan
Product: adidas Football


Japan's National Football Team had been unable to win a single game in international matches leading up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Despite the nation's passion for football and its typically unwavering national spirit, frustration and discouragement was mounting. Fans were losing interest. Something had to be done – to reunite the country and reignite passion, adidas was the company to do this. The primary objective was to rally a nation. We needed to show the massive support to the national team in an authentic, honest, inspirational, innovative and passionate way.

Instead of creating another series of traditional 'encouragement' ads to promote the team and the World Cup, we wanted to create a national movement. So we connected with a school-aged audience to create excitement and inspire them to come together to show their support for the national team on their journey to World Cup in South Africa.