No End to Corporate Branding Identity

Corporate designers need to get back to first principles if they are to balance the demands of lifestyle and trust in brand identity, argues Sheila Tully, Appetite

The stimulus for this article was the cover of a recent issue of the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts. The end of corporate identity?, it asked sensationally, obliterating the offending concept in red. The article featured, by Hugh Aldersley-Williams, listed ten reasons for the impending fatality, which covered speed of change, professional incompetence and some practical problems the profession has always wrestled with. They were disposed of effectively in a reply in Design Week, written by David Bernstein. His concluding words were: I wonder why this responsible body should have hyped the article with a shock-horror cover and over the top title, seemingly dismissing the discipline and those who engage in it. Maybe the Royal Society just wanted to initiate debate. In which case it has succeeded!