Rabobank: stability, continuity and solidity

Tony Allen and Nick Liddell
Dragon Rouge

In this extract from Business is Beautiful, a collection of case histories in five categories – integrity, curiosity, elegance, craft and prosperity – Tony Allen and Nick Liddell look at an unusual Dutch bank, Rabobank. As an example of integrity and stability, Rabobank's features are described through conversations with two of its senior staff.

In many respects, Rabobank appears to be the quintessence of a traditional bank. It can trace its roots back to the mid-19th century, when Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen created the first farmer's bank in Germany.

The Dutch bank prides itself on its reliability. Rabobank was number 10 in Global Finance's 2012 ranking of the world's safest banks and was ranked at number 26 in The Banker's list of the top 1000 world banks, ahead of France's Société Générale and Spain's BBVA.