Chobani: A Love Story About Yogurt

Category: David vs. Goliath
Brand/Client: Chobani
Lead Agency: Gotham
Contributing Agencies: Media Partnership

Strategic Challenge

When Hamdi Ulukaya started making Chobani in the Northeast, Greek yogurt was pretty much unheard of in the U.S. The segment had puttered along at around 2% of the category for over a decade and Dannon and Yoplait had written it off as a non-opportunity (Nielsen, UBS, March 2011). But, by 2010, rising interests in health and the Mediterranean diet had propelled the Greek segment to nearly 12% of the category and Dannon and Yoplait couldn't help but notice (Mintel, Dec. 2010). They quickly began developing their own Greek brands and set out to squash niche players like Chobani.

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