The Power of Belonging

Agency Belgiovane Williams Mackay
Advertiser Telstra (BigPond)
Author Jamie Mackay, Darrell Tiemens, Sarah McDonald, Natasha Marsh, David Schneider
Total Campaign Expenditure $10 - 20 million over five years

The story of Telstra Bigpond is one of ongoing emotional engagement, within a category cluttered with competitors offering little more than price deals or ‘bytes for bucks'. In the period 2005 to 2009 BigPond advertising was established as the best loved in the country*, driving early adoption of the category, providing a mainstream reason to provide the internet in-home, communicating national wireless access, and communicating mobile content that was exclusively available via the BigPond network.

The campaign has been well documented in the past and previously rewarded with both creative and advertising effectiveness awards. The advertising from 2004 to 2009 took viewers on an emotional and engaging journey as we viewed the world through the eyes of Patrick – a well meaning but sometimes ill-informed father – and his trusting son Daniel.