AEG-Electrolux – Silent Laundry Campaign: The World is Noisy Enough


It's 6 pm and you slam the door shut as you get home from work. You pour yourself a large drink and you're just about to feel normal when the pneumatic drill starts thudding outside. Next door's stereo starts blasting. The late flight from New York roars above. And then your damn washing machine starts making a racket....Arggghhh...!!!


The AEG-Electrolux New Product Development Team recognised that noise pollution was affecting more and more people in Europe and was increasingly difficult to escape. In fact, with the world being as it is, the last thing consumers needed was noisy household appliances as well.

In addition, the brand tracking used by AEG-Electrolux had proved that the noise level was a key criterion for the purchase of washers and dryers. That is why AEG-Electrolux launched its Silent Laundry range which performs almost in silence.