How media factors affect audience responses to brand placement

Eva van Reijmersdal, Edith Smit and Peter Neijens

Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR

Brand placement first appeared in Lumière films in the 1890s (Newell et al. 2006). More than a century later, brand placement appears in every medium (Van Reijmersdal et al. 2007). Brand placement is defined as ‘the purposeful incorporation of brands into editorial content’ (Russell & Belch 2005; Schneider & Cornwell 2005). Recently, a number of studies have been published on brand placement, ranging from content analyses (e.g. Ferraro & Avery 2000) and practitioner studies (e.g. Karrh et al. 2003; Russell & Belch 2005; Smit et al. 2009) to qualitative (e.g. DeLorme & Reid 1999; Russell & Stern 2006) and quantitative audience studies (e.g. Van Reijmersdal et al. 2007; Yang & Roskos-Ewoldsen 2007). Although our knowledge of brand placement is growing, a number of aspects remain unstudied (Balasubramanian et al. 2006).