A Classic Formula: End-to-End Insight With Added Productivity

Clodagh Forde and Stan Sthanunathan
The Coca-Cola Company

Dave Patten
Research International

Geoff Wicken
Kantar Media Research


In an ever-changing business and economic environment, even high-performing companies need to continually improve their business processes—and The Coca-Cola Company is no different. Over the last five years, there has been an increased emphasis on doing things in the most efficient and effective way. This has become such an important business imperative that we have added a sixth “P”—Productivity.

Productivity improvements in research traditionally have been about minimization—cutting budgets, limiting sample sizes, and decreasing the number of studies. We approached productivity in a different way. We focused on maximization of insights. In fact, the insights group at The Coca-Cola Company has focused on refining consumer and shopper insights over the last few years. And, while the company has made significant strides in this area, we often found that we had independent, unrelated insights that made it difficult to drive our marketing strategy all the way through to execution.