As stimulating as black coffee - Communications that are hard to sleep after

Lucy Davison
Keen as Mustard Marketing Ltd, United Kingdom


When I was working at design agency Coley Porter Bell in the 1990s I saw my first research presentation. Although nearly 20 years ago, the memory is very clear in my mind. It was delivered by a very nice woman from a leading, global research agency. The data was interesting, but the content was muddled. It went on for a very long time. We stopped for tea and then it went on some more. There was no story, no conclusion and no recommendations. The audience was bored, frustrated and confused.

Once the presentation was over and the nice lady had left, we were quite angry. There was no way we could use the information we had been given and paid for. So, it fell to me to take the data and turn it into something we could actually use. This was not an easy task, but I used my experience in journalism and PR and worked hard over many hours to review all the data again, find a clear story, get the data that supported it from the masses of material and to create a compelling presentation. We then used that presentation in many different ways over the coming months – for conference presentations, media stories and to add value to our clients. It worked very well.