Toyota VENZA – Appetite for Life

Category: Boomer Target
Brand: Toyota Venza
Primary Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Contributing Agencies: MSN Brand Entertainment Experience Team (BEET)/ Reveille Productions


The challenge for our communication strategy was to not only launch a new vehicle in a crowded segment but to also tap into the notion that car shoppers needed to be inspired to discover more about the Venza. The cross-over category has become one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive industry, with many new vehicles introduced over the last five years. Thus, we introduced a new nameplate, the Venza, through a multitude of innovative firsts for Toyota that highlighted the unique design story of the vehicle and was created specifically to meet the needs of today's boomer that leads an active lifestyle.

What made Venza unique was also a bit of a hindrance. Its sleek, more car-like styling belied its interior size and functionality. At a glance, shoppers were likely to dismiss it as just a pretty car. However, clinic research showed a dramatic jump in intentions after respondents were able to explore the interior of the vehicle. It was evident that driving people to explore and discover more of the vehicle was paramount to a successful launch. Even more challenging, research told us our target was heavy into using DVRs so the traditional thirty-second spot wasn't going to be enough for people to consider this vehicle. It was clear that conveying the paradoxical nature of the Venza's sleek exterior versus the spacious utility of the interior would be critical to driving purchase intent among consumers.