Millennial Mediavores

Qualitative research and media planning for children

Briar Harland
Regional General Manager, Qualitative Research, NFO CM Research, New Zealand.
Alana Storey
Media Director, DDB, New Zealand.


Sounds like something that should roam around in Jurassic Park, does it not? Quite the reverse is true, however. 'Millennial Mediavores' is a term designed to convey the voracious way our children consume media – all types of media, including media forms we would never even thought of when we were kids.

And therein lies the rub. Both research and advertising seem to function on a homily that really cannot be argued with …

'If it works - don't fix it'

We have developed tools and work practices that did what we needed them to do – last century – for forms of media and target audiences as we knew them, last century. The problem is that almost in the blink of an eye our gangly technological under 15 year olds lapped us. And our under 10 year olds know and accept a media environment that we struggle to grasp, let alone measure.