Canon: PIXMA endless creative possibilities

Entry Number: 238

Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

Advertiser: Canon Australia

Author: Luke Atkinson

Total Campaign Expenditure: $10 – 20 million

Strategic communications challenge

Coming into 2007 Canon was in a precarious position. Canon owned the single-function inkjet printer category, with 52% share (2006). Single-function was a dying category; Canon had lost -13% in value in 1 year.1. Multi-function printers were the new thing, and Canon had little equity in this innovation.

This was a significant issue, as the inkjet printer business uses a seeding model; sell as many printers as you can, as profitably as you can, so you can get as many people as possible using your ink. Lose scale in printers and your business declines quickly.

Additionally, at the time, printers were perceived as highly functional and consumers generally just want them to work, with little to no differentiation between brands, while price and margin too-often drove sales12. 58% of consumers bought printers spontaneously, with store display and recommendations being influential2. Thus, product couldn't be relied upon.