Viewpoint: Learn to love procurement

Louise Cretton

The growing attention paid by procurement professionals to the buying of market research is, I would suggest, a force for good. It may be the catalyst we need to get our house in order and to achieve some of the objectives we have discussed for many years now, such as contributing ‘at the top table.’

I know that procurement is a dirty word in some quarters, that it signals a price-driven market, reducing creativity, demoting our services to a commodity offering. Cries of ‘we are different’, ‘they don’t understand the complexity of what we do’ are heard. They are the same cries that were heard in the 1980s and 1990s in advertising and media agencies. Magic and Logic by Marilyn Baxter is a great little book produced by ISBA, the advertising and media agency association the IPA, and the procurement trade body CIPS, in response to those concerns, which seeks to explain the conflicting interests.