Shop Direct: Secret Garden


CLIENT • Shop Direct

THE TEAM • Lauren Higgins, Nick Barthram, Darren Mower, Sian Norris, Andy Irving, Zoe Yardley, Kim Forbes, Steve Everest, Matt Wright, Ian Bates. Other contributor: Chris O'Brien – Freelance.

WHAT IS WONDERFUL ABOUT THIS WORK? • We used the immediacy and cost-effectiveness of email and the dynamism of behaviour-led data analytics to acquire thousands of fashion-conscious female customers. The glamour of celebrity-led fashion and a complex matrix of dynamic content delivered individualised content. We acquired 5,760 credit account customers, with an estimated total LTV of £2,880,000.

OBJECTIVES • Recruit 2,500 style-seekers to become credit account customers. Drive 70% of business online by 2010.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • We had to find and recruit thousands of new credit account customers, rather than get one-off purchases. With many high-profile competitors already hammering inboxes, we developed an innovative campaign using the Holly and Fearne Secret Garden theme to build awareness and deliver cut-through. As high-profile brand ambassadors, the dynamic duo proved their enduring popularity with younger style-hunters who wanted fashion reassurance. appeals to female twenty-somethings, hungry for the latest trends and partial to a bit of credit to soften the impact on their purses. Research indicated how popular Holly and Fearne were with this audience, making them our natural choice. Crucially we integrated analytics, creative and technology to enhance customer interaction. By analysing individual browser activity on we dynamically populated our emails. The result was a multiple transmission strategy driven by a combination of relevancy and fashion brand values. Email offered a uniquely personal and cost-effective medium, plus a seamless journey between initial impact and action. By creating an email prospect pool, enhanced by our proprietary database, we were able to build a detailed picture of the target audience. Combining this information with targeted models and detailed web analytics we were able to respond to individual actions, making content relevant as possible. This has transformed how Very recruits online. Bright, stylish and elegantly full of opportunities for every individual to interact. Magic.