The Great Christmas Gift Wrapping Swindle

Agency Lowe Sydney
Advertiser Football Federation of Australia
Author Tony O'Halloran
Total Campaign Expenditure $10 - 20 million


In many ways, the A-League is the new the boy on the football block.

It replaced the National Soccer League in 2005, wiping the slate clean after years of negative history. No longer would football be seen as a minority, ethnic sport, typified by violent fan behaviour. The A-League was designed to elevate football in Australia to the position enjoyed by the sport in the rest of the world – a youthful and exciting mainstream code.

The relaunch has been a huge success. A surge in popularity saw new clubs joining the competition, with the most recent being Gold Coast United for Season 5. However, supporters don't multiply overnight. For new clubs, it's a slow and steady process to build a loyal fan base and get people along to the stadiums.