Triumph Essence Launch Campaign at Selfridges

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Triumph lingerie is a well established brand (126 years old) with a rich heritage in classic underwear. Triumph worked closely with supermodel Helen Christensen (a brand ambassador) and used her insight to design a new premium collection of lingerie called 'Triumph Essence, The Luxury Collection'.

The task was to create a ground breaking interactive retail environment within the lingerie department of the world famous Selfridges store.

The 'Triumph Essence Fantasy Mirror', housed in a specially designed 'Fantasy Booth', was revealed on the day the collection was launched with the help of Helena Christensen.

National context of the campaign

Triumph lingerie is an established brand (126 years old) with a rich heritage of craftsmanship, quality, fit expertise and attention to detail.

The big challenge facing the brand was how they could continue to lead innovation and create an expression of modernity that would not only attract the everyday lingerie consumer but also the more premium 30-plus style seeking shopper.