Curtin University

Meredith Simpson and Paul Yole

The Box© is a story about how in order to solve a complicated problem of market share decline we had to dig deeper than the seemingly straightforward brief that was presented to us.

Curtin University needed to find a way to recruit more high school graduates so they briefed The Brand Agency to create a mass media campaign.

This seemed odd to us. Why use mass media to reach a cohort of only 15,000? So, we set out to uncover what the core problem was and what our audience really needed.

Spending time with our audience in their natural environments and inviting stories helped us to uncover the real problem – students were disengaged from universities and traditional communications because of the stress of their final year of high school.

These students were crying out for help. This led to the creation of The Box© – a category-changing, digital tool to help students with their final year of school and the transition to university.