Philips Lighting: Join the future of general lighting

Agency name: Red Urban
Client name: Philips
Category: B2B


To get a group of people excited about your product is challenging enough for many brands. But what if your most important target audience is rather sceptical about your product, owing to prior experience?

Technical Specifiers are a new, yet important, target audience for Philips Lighting. These lighting professionals are hired by architects and contracting firms to create lighting designs. They are key decision makers in terms of which type of lighting and which components are chosen.

The introduction of LED-technology has dramatically changed the professional world for technical specifiers. Not only because LED promises limitless applications, but also because it is actually still quite young. Consequently, the quality of LED-solutions can vary enormously, some applications prove unstable, and LED-standards are forever being changed. In short: specifying LED is a nightmare. Almost every specifier has had at least one negative experience with LED.