New approaches to ageing consumers

Dick Stroud

Demographic change is rapidly moving from a purely academic discussion to a mega-issue that affects all types of companies, whether they are based in Europe, the USA or Asia Pacific. Dick Stroud analyses the physical aspects of ageing and advises on how marketers need to adapt their products and services.

In a recent BBC interview, the CEO of Coca-Cola explained that population ageing is one of the five mega-trends that is determining his company's policies.

The UN and IMF are in agreement that population ageing will soon equal sustainability as a global trend that the corporate world must understand and devise policies to exploit.

The urgency to understand the implications of demographic change has been accentuated by a toxic mix of the recession and the transition of economic power from west to east. Austerity has affected all consumers but some segments of older shoppers have been largely immune from financial hardship.