Luxury cars: different and purchased differently

Craig Kleber

A luxury car is an uncommon thing, and each genuine luxury car brand is uncommon by virtue of its persona. In fact, most of the people who own such vehicles are uncommon, and if they are not they aspire to be. So when developing marketing communications, should one apply a common, even one-size-fits-all, framing of how luxury cars are purchased?

We asked ourselves this very question earlier in the year while creating more inspired and efficient lead management programmes on our Jaguar and Land Rover business. The answer was a categorical 'no', quickly followed by a lot of questions, such as, 'How do wealthier people buy luxury cars?' So we asked them.


We had no intention to replace Allison-Fisher's purchase funnel or other industry standards for monitoring purchase behaviour. You need normative data to compare and benchmark. However, to best meet the objectives of greater inspiration and efficiency, we designed and conducted our own research.