The Evolution of Moving Pictures

Daniel Bischoff, Dennis Grzenia and Sven Wollner
MediaCom Germany

Moving pictures are ubiquitous in modern media. They are part of our culture, part of the way we communicate and have the power to linger long in our memories. But how have moving images evolved? And what lies ahead in the future?

moving pictures

The evolution of the moving picture is a global success story. Today, the world speaks about cinema, TV and video as the most natural of things.

Big movies such as Tron Legacy excite audiences around the world. Commercials have become an inherent part of our (pop) culture. Computer games use sequences of moving pictures as a matter of course, and smartphones have turned into small TV sets.

In the 19th century, however, at the beginning of the evolution of the moving image, even the developers of this new technology were sceptical about its future and success: