RTE (Ireland) – Its All About U

Campaign Title Its all about U
Brand RTE
Category A12 – The Media
Medal Bronze
Agency Ground Marketing


The radio listener was encouraged to tune into RTE 2fm for their chance to win €20,000. On each programme between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. two DJs announced three letters, so a total of six codes were broadcast every day. Listeners could enter by matching three letters in their first name and surname and texting the letter U at the end plus details of how they would spend the prize money.


RTE 2fm was not engaging with its listeners and was loosing market share while other radio stations constantly ran promotions. It needed to rise above the competition and so the aim was to capture the imagination of 20–34 year olds, get them to talk about RTE 2fm and increase the share of listening over the summer. Those that already listened to the station had to be convinced to listen for longer, and those that did not tune in at all had to be tempted to try it. Being also very Dublin based, RTE 2fm needed to extend beyond the city into the country-side and other towns.