Visit Scotland: Welcome to our Life

Jung von Matt

“Welcome to Our Life” presented travelers open to visiting Scotland with specific, motivating, culturally relevant travel ideas, and did this under circumstances where they could easily and quickly respond.

The campaign’s planners thoughtfully applied information gathered from previous campaigns, resulting in a level of precision targeting that led to a marked increased in media efficiency, as well as in messaging that dramatized Scotland’s uniqueness in a sea of competing destinations.

With total funding of less than £1 million, this integration of appealing content and relevant context combined to encourage a wider range of activities, across more of Scotland, during longer stays.

All this in turn sparked an additional £97 million in VisitScotland’s revenue contribution to the Scottish economy beyond the expected amount, all at a time when Scotland’s UK neighbours (and prime competitors for German, French, Spanish and Dutch vacation budgets) were a drag on the global travel economy.