From the editor: A New Year of innovation

Colin Grimshaw

Economic recession is often a propeller of innovation. Some legendary businesses were created during an economic trough: the innovative entrepreneur James Dyson launched his eponymous vacuum cleaner company in the downturn of the early 1990s, while Bill Gates founded Microsoft in the recession of 1975.

So, as we begin 2013 with lingering uncertainty about the economy, with the US still suffering from a four-year toxic debt hangover, the eurozone's financial fragility still to be resolved, and even the BRICs experiencing slowing growth, perhaps now is the time for the courageous to look to innovation as a way out of recession.

For businesses big and small, innovation can no longer be merely a hopeful aspiration. In a world of rapid change, where the innovative fleet-of-foot can usurp a market-dominating titan in a short space of time – think Apple and Nokia – innovation is now a matter of survival. Hence, it is entirely appropriate that we start the New Year with an Admap Focus devoted to Innovation.