Agency: Butterfield Day Devito Hockney Author: Lorna Young

Uvistat: Against all odds


This case-study describes the sales success of Windsor Pharmaceuticals' suncare brand, Uvistat, from 1988 to the present day, and demonstrates the genuine and lasting contribution the brand's advertising strategy and execution has made to this success. An examination of the effect of other brand and market variables leads us to conclude that the placing of a distinctive advertising message in selected media was the major contributor to the sales success of the Uvistat relaunch in 1988, and this also played a key role in the brand's continued growth. The sales effect brought about by the advertising is made all the more interesting since the media spend was at a low level throughout the two year campaign (231,000 in 1988, 311,000 in 1989), and in that time, there were a number of brand and market factors which militated against the success of Uvistat, hence the title of this case-study.


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