Search engine optimisation

Tim Vickery

Achieving number-one ranking in Google search may be every website's ambition but setting realistic targets and choosing the right partners is vital for organic SEO, advises Tim Vickery, from global performance marketing agency, Performics.

Executing a search engine optimisation (SEO) initiative can be a quite daunting undertaking. Much of the traditional understanding of marketing exists outside of the realm of SEO – and for marketing or brand managers getting ready to launch SEO activity, there are pitfalls aplenty. This guide isn't a checklist of must-dos, but more a guide to assist those thinking of diving into the world of SEO, and helping them swim not sink.

Everyone wants organic search traffic – and there is so much of it. Organic search traffic is highly productive, it makes money, and once you have it, you never want it to go away. The SEO theatre of war is much more akin to guerrilla warfare rather than any traditional marketing battle – and this has led Google to declare open warfare on many of those guerrilla tactics used to manipulate its search results. The battle for supremacy within the organic search results is an evolving one of cat and mouse between Google and the SEO practitioners (and the websites they are optimising). The first bit of advice I would offer to anyone planning any SEO activity is choose your partner wisely.