Trends in Japanese Newspapers, Magazines and the Free Press


A Growth of Larger Print and Decrease in Columns per Page

Observing the activities of newspapers across the country, both regional and local newspapers have begun to increase their print size and reduce the number of columns per page. According to the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association, as of April 25, 2008, 24 newspaper companies had changed over to the 12-column format, while 29 companies had increased their print size without making any changes to the number of columns per page. 

It appears that the adoption of large print and changes to the number of columns per page will continue to spread. A reason cited for these modifications is the need to deal with an aging society. Consideration was being given to the elderly, who make up the core of the newspaper readership. At the same time, the friendly, easy-to-read page layout is a plus, and these changes also aim to address the loss of interest in newspapers by young people.