The Big Idea - Yellow Pages: Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

ATTRIBUTION: Anthony Chevins

As an advertising man, how would you like to have this kind of nightmare?

You dream that you're in a client meeting and the Big Man across the table points his finger at you and tells you he wants a new campaign idea – a very unusual one ... a great one. It must be so unusual and so good that it can be presented to, sold to and used by twenty-one different companies ... all, of which sell the same product. Each of the twenty-one companies has its own agency – obviously competitive to and suspicious of yours. Each is now running a separate and different advertising campaign – which it believes is right for the product.

The client tells you he hopes (and his "hope" sounds rather commanding) that your campaign will be so good that all twenty-one companies will choose to run it – instead of their own – with the blessing and cooperation of all the advertising agencies.