Social and mobile in China: new developments for marketers

David Wolf

At the 2011 Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Charles Chao, the CEO of and China's leading microblog service Sina Weibo, predicted that the future of the internet was local, mobile, and social. While Sina's mobile offerings have yet to produce sufficient revenues to sustain the business, social media is leading the migration of internet services to mobile. At GMIC 2012, several major social players discussed their progress.

For its part, Sina's Weibo app is now shipping on most Android and Apple iOS devices that are sold in China, making it the standard for mobile social media. The company upgrades its apps regularly and has built a loyal following, in part because of the capabilities it adds to its mobile service. Sina Weibo's apps, say Chinese reviewers, are more feature-laden than Twitter's.

Renren's mobile play