Alaska Classic: Home and Community Queens

Viboy Palillo

Campaign details

Brand owner: Alaska Milk Corporation
Agency: Lowe Philippines
Brand: Alaska Classic
Country: Philippines
Channels used: Events and experiential
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Alaska liquid milk's quality is beyond challenge. But when homemakers were finding it easy if not necessary to compromise in favour of lower price, Alaska's relevance had to surpass rational consideration and connect in a deeper emotional way.

The 'Ginang Alaska' ('Madam Alaska') programme was homemaker advocacy, cooking and talent contest, sales activation, socio-civic outreach and, yes, a beauty pageant rolled into one. But its more important role was to give women a platform to fulfil a strong emotional wish: to show the world that there was more to the plain housewife than society realized and took for granted.

Market background and business objectives